a state of calm attentiveness in which one's actions are guided by intuition rather than by conscious effort


sit on and control the movement of

About Zen Ride LLC

Zen Ride LLC was founded in 2024 by industry veteran Ryan McCaskill. Ryan partners with some of the most innovative brands in the cycling & outdoor industry to develop game changing products for their customers. He combines his decade of experience as an Industrial Design Engineer in the cycling industry with his more recent experience in Customer-Centered Design, Additive & Agile Manufacturing, and working with leading edge software tools to discover new opportunities to innovate and disrupt.

Having a natural ability to quickly understand design constraints for new and emerging processes, Ryan is quick to challenge the limits of them, then optimize a product's design - factoring in all stakeholders needs along the product's lifecycle while still retaining core values of quality, sustainability, and customer value.

Ryan is proudly #madebydyslexia, a diagnosis he embraces as it is this way of thinking that is the source of his creativity and ability to quickly see the full picture.